Blog has been existed since September 2013. It was created from the need to share our balkan knowledge and experiences that we have accumulated during our long and short trips in this region of Europe. But not only about trips we write. This is why on our blog appear articles in the field of psychodietetics – „Psychodietetics on the go”(in Polish Psychodietetyk w podróży) – about how to eat, what to eat and how much to eat so as not to come back from trips  with some more pounds, as well as reviews of the Balkan restaurants in Poland. We also make movies from our journeys. We use: drone (Dji II), GoPro (2 and 4), Sony A77II. Now our main goal is to promote Balkan Peninsual as a great destination not only in the high summer season. This is why we have been visiting Balkans for two years in the winter.

So far we cooperated with Travel Channel Poland (small photocontest), Express Map (contest), Jack Wolfskin, Dare 2b Polska, Keen Polska (testing outdoor clothes), Visit Konjic (taking part in outdoor activites), Enjoy Balkans (presst trip in Macedonia), Dacia (testing Logan MCV), Publishing Huse Pascal and Znak, NN Investment Partners TFI, Rainbow, Tui, Itaka. We were invited to the radio stations and reported in the newspapers. We are the authors of the polish guide book about Balkan countries (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia) and we publish articles in travel newspapers. 

If You liked our photos and articles and would like to use them, or would like us to:

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Olka Zagórska-Chabros & Marek Chabros
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